PAP Update

11.9 Agenda:
-Overview of Leadership Action Research Project (AKA What are we using our sources for?)
-In Class Announcement: You will need a separate 3-ring BINDER (at least 1″) with a viewable front to turn in your Leadership Action Research Portfolio (Pick one up soon!).  Also, we are starting Romeo and Juliet after Thanksgiving, so go ahead and BUY your copy of No Fear Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!
-PC Lab Time working on Source #5 (Since you already had Sources 1-4 done, this shouldn’t have been a problem), Works Cited Page, and Drafting our Exposition (Explaining Cause) and Persuasive (Convincing Others to help) Essay Pieces

Here’s our Pre-AP Research Project Schedule: Just focus on completing what we’re doing each day!
Due Thursday: Printed Works Cited Page (With Five Sources in MLA Format)
Thursday in Class: Working on Exposition and Persuasive Pieces ONLY
Due Friday at beginning of class: Printed Drafts of Exposition and Persuasive Essays Due
(**Note: I can’t help you in our scheduled in-class Essay Draft Conferences if you don’t have the majority of your paper done.**)
Friday: Working on Cover Sheet, Table of Contents, and About the Author Page; Continuing to Improve Exposition & Persuasive Drafts
Monday: Working on Cover Sheet, Table of Contents, and About the Author Page; Continuing to Improve Exposition & Persuasive Drafts
Tuesday: Creative Day (Working on 3 Creative Pieces) WITHOUT COMPUTERS (Arts and Crafts in class! Yay!), Peer Editing
Wednesday: Last day to work on Presentations – in PC Lab (Finishing Touches on Everything)
Friday: Presentations/Service Cafe

Wednesday Homework:
If you still need to finish source 5, you are behind! Finish it tonight!
Come in tomorrow with a printed Works Cited Page!
Start outlining your Persuasive and Expository Essays!


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