CP Update – We’re back!

Sorry for the delay in updates! 🙂  Here’s a chance for us to catch up on what’s happening in CP Language Arts

Oct. 25
CS Update
Group Presentations
Reading Night Passages & Answering Questions

Oct. 24
CS Update
Grammar Posters – Group presentations tomorrow!
Night Journal
Oct. 21
Independent Reading = Test Grade!  Must have book with you!
(If you missed it, makeups are Tuesday or Wednesday after school).
Grammar Poster Project Work

Oct 20
Grammar Chart & Group’s correct/incorrect examples
Mango 2 Chunk Paragraph

Oct 19
Grammar Chart & Group’s 8 correct/incorrect examples
Group Grammar Project = Test Grade!!
Mr. Wendal Poetry & Notes

Oct 18
House on Mango Street Visualization
House on Mango Street Passages & Questions
Classism Article – High Schoolers & Clothing Prejudice
Grammar Project Chart

Oct. 17
Twisted 2 Chunk Paragraph Writing
Grammar Project Chart
House on Mango Street Passages & Questions

Oct. 14
Reading Twisted (Pieces of the novel)
Twisted Poem “A Thousand Trees”
Twisted Article: Bullying Leads to Suicide for Teen
HW: Complete questions on novel, poem and article for HW

Oct. 13 – 4th Block Only
Oct. 12 -3 rd Block only
Prejudice/Isms Chart
Discrimination Articles
Predictions Lead to Prejudice
Twisted Intro / Skim & Scan
Typing/Writing TKAM Final Drafts

Oct. 11
Finish TKAM Writing
Finish TKAM Film

Oct. 10 – Furlough Day



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