CP Parents and Students – Important Info about Odyssey test!

Hello parents and students!  We need your help to make sure your student is ready for a BIG WEDNESDAY tomorrow!

1) We have our ODYSSEY TEST tomorrow! This was announced last Wednesday, so students should have been studying all week!!The test will cover the skills we learned in reading the Odyssey.  They will have a new passage from Homer’s Odyssey, and they will find Homeric similes, epithets, and lit terms (such as direct and indirect characterization and flashback) inside the new Odyssey passage.  Plus, they will have questions on grammar (phrases, clauses, and sentence type), and vocabulary.  Your student has been working on their vocabulary study kit for THREE WEEKS now!  It is called the VOCABULARY PROJECT BOOK. 

2) Our VOCABULARY PROJECT BOOKS are due tomorrow!  It is very important that your student has every page (all 30!) complete with a colorful and detailed picture about the Odyssey sentence along with the definition, synonym, sentence from the Odyssey, and sentence they created using the vocabulary word.  Plus they can earn bonus points by including antonyms!  The VOCABULARY BOOK is a TEST GRADE, so please encourage your student to have it successfully completed so that this assignment helps but does not hurt your student’s grade.

3) Our CURRENT UNIT OF WORK is always due on test days, and tomorrow is a TEST DAY!  You should see a cover sheet with lots of completed work behind it.  All of the work in the Odyssey Unit (updated on the website tab)  needs to be complete! INCOMPLETE PAGES receive NO CREDIT!!!!

4) Students did a Grammar Review today that had homework (last two sentences) and were also given a vocabulary crossword puzzle study guide. Please make sure that your student completes these assignments which will help them prepare for the test!!

…Did we mention that your student needs to STUDY for the TEST?

Checklist to make sure students are ready for Wednesday:
1) Is the Current Unit of Work complete?
2) Is the Vocabulary Book correct, complete and colorful? (Bonus: What lit term is it when we repeat consonants?)
3) Has your student studied their current unit packet to get ready for the test?

Thank you! With your help and support everyone will have a successful Wednesday!!! 🙂

-Amber Stallings and Amy Rungruang
(amber_wallace@gwinnett.k12.ga.us) and (amy_rungruang@gwinnett.k12.ga.us)


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