3rd and 4th Block – 9 CP

Mentor Sentence
Odyssey Summarizing: Circe
Odysseus’s Chronology Review
Odyssey Reading: Underworld, Sirens, Scylla & Charybdis
Summarizing: Underworld, Sirens & Scylla
Vocabulary Book Time

HW: Notebook Check Tuesday! (If not complete, signed up for extra help!!)
Vocabulary Book Check Tuesday – at least first 12 pages done! (If not complete, signed up for extra help!)

Mentor Sentence
Summarizing Strategy: The Cyclops
Making Connections: Text to Text (Lotus Eaters and Cyclops)
Odyssey Vocabulary Book – Time in Class to work on it
(Due at end of Odyssey Unit)
Reading the Odyssey – Circe Selection
HW: Keep working on Odyssey Vocabulary Book at home!

Mentor Sentence
Summarizing Strategy: Ismarus & Lotus Eaters
Reading the Odyssey – Lotus Eaters & Cyclops
Film Analysis: The Odyssey – Cyclops section
HW: Work on Odyssey Vocabulary Book!


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