8/10 Pre AP 2nd Block

Class Agenda:

We got our textbooks today! Yay! Plan on bringing them EVERY DAY for the next 2 months! 🙂

-Turned in Student Info Sheets
-Info about Summer Reading
-Summer Reading Test is 8/26 – reading log, discussion, and multiple choice quiz
-Info about Independent Reading
-Organizing Binders: Cover Sheets
-Personality Essay Info and Rubric
-Writing Concrete Details on 8 Red Strips – pick your best 6 to include in Personality Essay
-Make sure your concrete details are SPECIFIC examples of instances where you showed a personality trait.
Bad CD Example: I am a kind person and do nice things for people.  
Good CD Example: On Monday, I saw another student drop her bag in the hallway, and I immediately went to help her pick up her books. 
-Writing Commentary(CM) on green strips of paper- 2 strips of green commentary for every red CD
If  you have 6 CDs, you need 12 CMs!
-Writing Topic Sentences and Concluding Sentences on Blue strips of paper.  Each paragraph needs both a TS and a CS!

Homework: Make sure you come in tomorrow with 6 strong  CDs, 12 CMs, and 4 or 6 TS and CS sentences (depending on if you want to organize your ideas in 2 body paragraphs or 3). 

 Please bring in your paper strips in a plastic baggie or have them tightly clipped to keep them organized! Come in ready to glue them down in outline form at the beginning of class tomorrow.  We’ll turn these “outlines” into our essay rough drafts! 🙂





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